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2007-08-12, 10:35
My effort for a complete control system for Slim Server and Slim devices using the Philips Pronto PRO has just about finished beta testing. It functions on the Pronto PRO (TSU9600) running in a wireless (Wi-Fi) environment and supplies two way control/feedback to control Slim Device players. At this time it does not support the construction and editing of playlists, leaving that up to the WEB interface. It provides a fully graphic interface with stylus and/or hard key control depending on the users choice.

The initial screen searches and discovers all players and then allows the user to select the player to deal with. Setting options allow automatic selection of a player.

The second screen shows the status of the selected player (Sleep, Shuffle, Repeat, Now Playing (Title, Artist, Album, Genre), Next Up (Title, Artist, Album, genre), song duration, Queue position, time remaining and the current play list. All of the obvious controls are provided (Stop, Play, Next, Prior, Pause, Browse, "GoTo", and Playlist traversal.

The third screen provides for selection of what is to be played by artist, album, genre, playlist. General filtering is not provided.

If you have a good Wi-Fi setup in your home, this control system will run any and all of the slim players from anywhere in the house, or of you are geeky enough and know what you are doing from any wi-fi point in the world. Unfortunately, while you can control the players from Morocco hearing the music in Morocco is a bit of a different problem.

If you are interested in a copy contact me at barry@the-gordons.net. There is no charge, but there are some rules regarding use and distribution.