View Full Version : Dedicated Server?

2007-08-11, 22:06
Ok so here's a pretty basic question. Do I need a dedicated box for SlimServer? My primary intent is to stream internet radio.

I'm think I can install the server software on a Vista laptop used primarily for email and browsing.


2007-08-11, 22:47
No need for a dedicated server - most people run SlimServer on a general machine which also does duty for surfing, mail, etc. Also, if you are wanting to stream internet radio rather than play stored music files, then you don't need a server at all. Connect the SB to Squeezenetwork and you can stream radio stations directly from the internet.


2007-08-12, 05:32
If your music is in MP3 you can set up an account with MP3Tunes and have them all there. Then there is no need to have a PC running slimserver locally at all.