View Full Version : multiple softsqueeze startup help

2007-08-11, 17:44

i have a pc with swveral audio outs. one is usb to a receiver, others are analog outs on m-audio delta 410. i'm using slimserver and multiple softsqueeze instances to drive a multi-zone setup.

i am using a batch file to launch several .jlnp files into turn, each with a different mac address specified. this works well with softsqueeze 1 outputting to usb and softsqueeze 2 outputting to delta out 1/2. however, when i add in a third instance outputting to m-audio 3/4, tracks will not play to that player instance in slimserver UNTIL i have first started something playing in the payer attached to out 1/2.

this is odd.

slimserver and softsqueeze instances running on the same win server 2003 box serving itunes lib on the same machine.

attempting to play a track in 3/4 before launching one on 1/2 results in the progess bar starting, progressing a little and resetting.

any ideas?