View Full Version : Slim server can't see my USB drive on my Mac mini

2007-08-11, 17:24
I have a problem with my slimserver. The Slimserver can't see my music files that are on an external HDD.
As I can see on the FAQ pages I have to use a symbolic link.
But how do I use this symbolic link?
Does any one know how to do this an easy way?.
By the Way :
Mac is installed with OSX 10.4.10 and SLimserver Ver 6.5.3

2007-08-11, 21:04
hi there,

you need to specify the path to your music files in SS. an external drive mounted on a mac needs to read something like this:

/Volumes/External Drive

2007-08-12, 00:37
You put the symbolic link inside the main music folder, if you want to look at files in different places.

If all your files are on the external drive, googdot's way of entering its name as the music folder is correct.

Symbolic links can be created in Terminal, but there are several programs that will save the trouble of entering Terminal commands. Look on versiontracker or macupdate for "symbolic link". there's a free program whose only function is to create links, and shareware programs with a lot of useful functions, one of which is creating a link.

2007-08-12, 02:57
hey again

Thanks for your replies..
Sorry for not make my self clear.
But My problem is that I don't know how to make a symbolic link ln -s ?? and how to set up a patch to the folder..

the FAQ pages had a super description earlier this, but this seem to be deleted??

Thank for any help this simple problem

2007-08-12, 08:33
As I explained in my earlier post, the *simplest* ay to make a symbolic link is to donwload one of the programs that do it for you - look for them on versiontracker. This avoids the issue of having to get the right syntax in Terminal. And when it is created, the symbolic link is just a tiny file that can be moved to a convenient place like any other file.

2007-08-12, 15:39
[QUOTE=Caad;220456]Thanks for your reply..
I'm lost.....!! Sorry i'm just an Windows engineer..
I have downloaded Symbolic Linker 1.2v2 from versiontracker

In the read me file, this says that i have to copy this in to dmg to tthe contex menu items..
Ok.. this was done..
next .. I'm lost now....
Read me txt also says that I have to push Control comand esc...
how do i make this ? I have only ESc on my apple keyboard or ??
As you can see,, I really need basic help with this..

2007-08-13, 02:10
Actually, it says to press OPTION-command-Escape.. There is a problem in naming; the Option key is often named 'alt' rather than 'opt' and the Command key doesn't have a name, it's the one with the Apple and clover-leaf on it.

Now, one gets a contextual menu for an item by any of the follwing: right-click if your mouse has two or more buttons, control-click or click and hold.

If the item was properly installed, one of the available chocies is "Make Symbolic Link". The link gets made in the same folder as the original item (not quite sure where that is if the item is a volume, probably on the desktop) and can then be moved to wherever you want it.

2007-08-13, 03:03
working great...
Thank you very much