View Full Version : Problem with radio stations as Favorites

2007-08-11, 07:53

I am a relative newcomer and everything went perfectly until I switched to 6.5.3. Since I did that, I can no longer start a radio station from the Web interface. When I go to the Favorites page and press the "->" button, the server fails to start the station and displays an "empty" message in the squeezebox window. This problem does not happen with music files that are local to my server (e.g. my CD's).

As auxiliary questions:
- is there any way to create a Favorite in the Web interface?
- is there any way to delete a Favorite with the remote?

Thanks in advance for your help.

-- Pierre

2007-08-11, 08:01
Just wanted to chime in and say that I am having the same exact problem. I can, however, start the favorites using the remote. Can you? I think I'll turn debugging on and see what turns up in the log.

2007-08-18, 14:04
Hello Leigh:

Yes, I can indeed start radio favorites with the remote.

Please let me know if you find any solution.


- Pierre

2007-08-22, 13:00
I have the same issue with 6.5.3 and also 6.5.4. I reverted back to my 6.5.2 build and have it working again. I am seeing the same behavior that accessing favorites from the SB and using the remote works fine, but the web interface no longer works to "Play" favorites.

2007-08-22, 14:54
Same here!

2007-08-23, 17:29
i'm not having these problems within S/Server,running 6.5.4. and windows vista ultimate.
have you set up Softsqueeze?,there you can access and amend your favourite radio stations on the fly.
having great fun so far with my new black box and my Ikemi is ina big huff not having been touched for a week!.


2007-08-24, 08:24
I just tried a full uninstall, blowing the DIR away and reinstalling with 6.5.4. I am still unable to get favorites to begin playing from within the web interface. The SB3 I need this to work on is in the basement feeding a whole house setup, so running to the player isn't going to work for me. SoftSqueeze doesn't offer me anything to directly control the player in question, although I guess I could sync another player after I got it running.

I installed the latest 7.0 nightly and will go with that unless it breaks something else that's critical to me. Favorites are now workign again and it's great to be able to edit them from within the interface, rather than editing the .pref file.