View Full Version : Slimserver on MS Vista 64.

2007-08-10, 19:36
I have installed Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.
I am happy to report that Slimserver 6.5.3 installs and works quite well.
The Albums art is still hit and miss. I rip my CDs with Windows Media player (the art looks good there).
Slimserver has some ground make up on the User Interface side.
For people that are considering giving Vista 64bit a try here is my report:
- Intel Core 2 Duo
- 4GByte RAM
- Video: Nvidia 7600
- Motherboard Chipset Intel 965 (GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3)
- Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX WARNING: Video does not work (only built in USB mic). Due to bad Vista 64 bit Driver
- MS Office 2007
- Acrobat Reader
- Skype
- Macromedia Flash
- Slimserver 6.5.3
- MSN messenger
- Windows Live Beta e-mail
- Google Earth
With the exception of the QuickCam drivers everything seems to work fine.
Also Vista 64 can finally see all of the 4Gbyte of RAM instead of the about 3.5 GByte in Vista 32 (due to the 32 bit limitation…).
Speed is the same as Vista 32. My typical memory usage (two users logged in) is 2.4 Gbyte (compared to 1.8Gb in Vista 32)

So if you want to go 64 it all comes down to a question: Do you feel lucky? Punk! Do you?