View Full Version : Can't load SS after changing ISP

2007-08-10, 15:44
Hi I'm hoping there's a really simple fix for this.

I've just changed my ISP and now when I try and load the Slimserver web interface it won't load.

Previously I've pointed the browser at and there it was, but now I just get a page time out message.

Slimserver is available in the system tray, but again, trying to load it into the browser fails.

Any suggestions guys?


Anoop M.
2007-08-10, 16:45
Check for firewalls and or antivirus. Is SlimServer running?

Ross L
2007-08-10, 17:05
Also clear your browsers cache and consider trying http://localhost:9000, what browser do you use?

2007-08-14, 03:27
Thank you both

After much farting about I've discoved that if I now point Firefox to I can find slimserver again. All is well.

I don't understand why it has changed. SS must be running on my pc somewhere, so why it's just changed the address (especially given I hadn't configured the router to the new internet provider beforehand) is a mystery to me.

I've always found it curious that I can't load the SS web interface from the system tray or desktop icon and tapping in localhost has never worked.


2007-08-14, 04:11
Does the computer running slimserver use DHCP to obtain an IP address?
If that's the case and you have other devices that also use dhcp on your LAN the order in which they connect to the network determines what IP address they get. Assuming that your router has the internal IP the first device gets, the second, etc.
If you want your slimserver computer to always use the same IP you can either assign a fixed IP on the computer itself (network settings, make sure you use an IP not within the router's DHCP pool range) or you can configure your router to always assign the same IP to the slimserver computer. Sometimes this is called a reserved IP. Consult the documentation of your router.

You should always be able to use the following URL from the computer running slimserver to browse the web front end:


Mark Lanctot
2007-08-14, 07:16
Something's not right here. If you can't get SS to load using localhost or, it's actually not running on the computer you're using! localhost depends on a proper HOSTS file and it should work fine on all default installs, but will always work even if you have no HOSTS file or if your HOSTS file is corrupted.

How many PCs do you have in your network? What does Start - Programs - Command Prompt - "ipconfig" tell you?