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2007-08-10, 09:09
Lovin my squeezebox (light years ahead of my old netgear). My question is: Can anyone recommend good music management software (gotta get organized) that exports playlists that slim server can scan and read. Right now I use winamp to create my playlists and the playlists are in the same folder as all my music and slim server scans the winamp format (.m3u) just fine. But winamp is a bit clumsy in it's ablility to organize my pretty vast library. I'm looking for something that organizes well and can import and export playlist that slim server will read.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Blind Lemon

2007-08-10, 10:09
Well, everyone will have an opinion, but I suggest you try OrangeCD by firetongue software. The music manager can scan your library, inc. FLAC files and, as the developer has a squeezebox, it has decent built-in support for the slimserver to send music to be played.

2007-08-10, 21:08
hey, amcluesent - thanx for that suggestion! i myself am still looking for a good playlist manager and will try that out one of these days.

so far, i have been using self-soft's PersonalPlaylistManager plugin for winamp. it is super easy to use and allows fast adding of new tracks to your playlists. the only thing i am missing is that it does not have an overview, it only processes one track at a time.

on the other hand the plugin is free, whereas orangecd seems to cost money.

try both and let us know what you think.