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2007-08-10, 02:04
looks like an interesting variation of squeezenetwork:

rokuradio - online directory of radio stations

Roku Introduces RadioRoku.com Guide to Internet Radio
Thursday August 9, 12:01 am ET
Most Comprehensive Guide Lets Consumers Easily Find Reliable Internet Radio Streams


2007-08-10, 14:28
I bought a Roku radio just before the SB last December, and was immediately frustrated that the Roku could only save about 15 presets, a limit which was somehow hardwired into the device itself. In fact, just after I bought it, they expanded this to ... 18. Wow-wee. Guess which one I returned?

But it seems Roku has some respectable software for tracking down useable urls. Which of course users of SB can take advantage of. Thank you Roku!

2007-08-11, 09:18
Hi NauticusLX

I have just recently purchased a squeezebox mainly for internet radio at the moment. Can you give more details on this software and how to use it with the SB.


2007-08-11, 11:38
That's the radio snooper which is essentially a network sniffer, although in many cases finding the url is a simple matter


Once captured, you can add the streaming url in squeezenetwork under favorites

2007-08-11, 11:44
I should also point out that squeezenetwork is already preloaded with lots of great radio stations under Internet Radio menu

2007-08-12, 10:04
ok, thanks for that