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2007-08-09, 10:38
I have connected to FM radio station WLRN using:
the URL "mms://" which is entered using Tune In URL.
The URL is saved in a Playlist entitled "Radio Stations" under the name WLRN HD.
The playlist and entry show up on SlimServer with all the proper names and information. The station plays properly with SoftSqueeze.
Squeezebox correctly displays the Playlist, the entry name WLRN HD and the URL.
An attempt to play the entry results in the message:
"Can't Connect to Retrieve Playlist". This is a puzzling message because Squeezebox just retrieved the Playlist.
I don't doubt that I am doing something incorrectly, but the origin of the problem is not evident.
Squeezebox is correctly playing ripped CDs and Internet stations that are accessed through AlienBBC.

2007-08-09, 10:56
Check your network settings on the SB itself, specifically the netmask and gateway.

The reason is that for things that are streamed as WMA or MP3 (and flac/ogg, but those are rare), Slimserver tells the SB, "hey you know how to decode this yourself, you go grab the data stream from this address.."

So the SB itself needs to be able to get online.

Can you connect to Squeezenetwork? I bet not.

2007-08-09, 11:05
Thank you very much for the reply.
The network is fairly complicated with multiple servers, routers and switches and there could easily be a problem with one of the settings. The mask and gateway are the same values that we use for other equipment on the network. Squeezebox has no problems accessing SlimServer on the server on which it is resident and access to SqueezeNetwork works properly.
Squeezebox has no obvious problems accessing either our server or the Internet.


2007-08-09, 11:10
I have experienced this very same problem for several months, I think since I updated the server software a couple of versions ago.

I am travelling right now, so cannot provide full and accurate details, or file contents.

I have saved a dozen playlists with my European radios. The syntax of the actual web links differs for several of them. Always worked great.

Then updated the server, and since then, no radios no more, just a message that the playlists are empty, and of course nothing happens.
The only solution I have found today is to go to menu BROWSE, then go into the ITunes library until I find the folder PLAYLISTS, in which the same files (as described before, with the same link) are stored. Once I selected one of these radios, it just works.

I have to do this gymnastics every evening.

2007-08-09, 11:11
Usually when that message appears - AlienBBC also fails and it is associated with DNS setup. Often the DNS has been set manually rather than automatic on the PC/NAS running slimserver

Can you do a debug log with d_source when selecting the station and see if this message or similar appears/
"No DNS servers responded, falling back to OpenDNS server"

Just tested on my system - same message. I think the problem is that it doesn't support http.

2007-08-09, 11:28
Thank you for the reply.
AlienBBC works fine with the Squeezebox.
The WLRN HD feed appears to be a little unusual. I had problems getting it to work with VLC and Windows Media Player, but was eventually successful. The station has a HTTP address, but this doesn't work when called directly. The only URL that works when called directly is the MMS.
Interestingly, SoftSqueeze works properly with the "MMS..." URL.

2007-08-09, 11:31
The issues is whether the audio can be transported using http. For this station it only supports mms and not http and so it doesn't work with SB.

2007-08-09, 11:34
I wonder if it's only being served in mms:// not http://?

If you contact the station they may switch on http:// service - it's happened before!

[In other words - what bpa said...]

2007-08-09, 11:36
The following is the log file:

ERROR: scanRemoteURL: Can't connect to remote server to retrieve playlist: 404 Not Found.

ERROR: scanRemoteURL: Can't connect to remote server to retrieve playlist: 404 Not Found.

About to look for files in E:\Music\Playlists
For files with extensions in: [(?i-xsm:\.(?:ape|wma|asf|wax|asx|lnk|wpl|shn|smil|rpm| ram|rm|wav|wave|mp3|mp2|m3u|pls|xspf|flc|flac|fla| m4a|mov|m4b|mp4|cue|mp+|mpc|ogg|aif|aiff|lnk)$)]
Couldn't push into new mode: [browsedb] !: Can't call method "all" on an undefined value at /<D:\SlimServer\server\slim.exe>Slim/Buttons/BrowseDB.pm line 724.

Couldn't push into new mode: [browsedb] !: Can't call method "all" on an undefined value at /<D:\SlimServer\server\slim.exe>Slim/Buttons/BrowseDB.pm line 724.

scanPathOrURL: Finding valid files in: E:\Music\Playlists\WLRN HD.m3u
About to look for files in E:\Music\Playlists\WLRN HD.m3u
For files with extensions in: [(?i-xsm:\.(?:ape|wma|asf|wax|asx|lnk|wpl|shn|smil|rpm| ram|rm|wav|wave|mp3|mp2|m3u|pls|xspf|flc|flac|fla| m4a|mov|m4b|mp4|cue|mp+|mpc|ogg|aif|aiff|lnk)$)]
Found 1 files in E:\Music\Playlists\WLRN HD.m3u

frame 0: Slim::Player::Source::errorOpening (/<D:\SlimServer\server\slim.exe>Slim/Player/Squeezebox2.pm line 579)
frame 1: Slim::Player::Squeezebox2::failedDirectStream (/<D:\SlimServer\server\slim.exe>Slim/Player/Squeezebox2.pm line 318)
frame 2: Slim::Player::Squeezebox2::directHeaders (/<D:\SlimServer\server\slim.exe>Slim/Networking/Slimproto.pm line 496)
frame 3: Slim::Networking::Slimproto::_http_response_handle r (/<D:\SlimServer\server\slim.exe>Slim/Networking/Slimproto.pm line 387)
frame 4: Slim::Networking::Slimproto::client_readable (/<D:\SlimServer\server\slim.exe>Slim/Networking/Select.pm line 238)
frame 5: (eval) (/<D:\SlimServer\server\slim.exe>Slim/Networking/Select.pm line 238)
frame 6: Slim::Networking::Select::select (slimserver.pl line 499)
frame 7: main::idle (slimserver.pl line 42)
frame 8: PerlSvc::Startup (perlsvc line 850)
frame 9: PerlSvc::_startup (slimserver.pl line 0)
frame 10: (eval) (slimserver.pl line 0)

2007-08-09, 11:39
Since you have AlienBBC installed - a workaround is to uncheck "windows media (built-in)" in Server Setting/Filetypes.

This will make all WMA streams decoded on Slimserver by mplayer and mplayer can handle mms protocol.

2007-08-09, 12:04
Thank you very much.
Unchecking "Windows Media Built In" cured the problem.
WLRN HD now works properly.
I greatly appreciate your assistance.

2007-08-09, 12:11
The downside of unchecking "built-in" is that all WMA decoding is done on the server which means you will not be able to FF/REW within a track when playing a WMA file.

2007-08-09, 15:16
That is a disadvantage. We already can't get << or >> to work within a FLAC track on the Squeezebox.
We will have to live with the unchecking of "Windows Media Built In" fix for now and hope that SlimDevices will resolve the mms limitation in the future.

2007-08-09, 15:27
The >> and << works OK for FLAC - I think you must have some other problem in that area.

I don't think mms will be implemented in the current SBs as there isn't much code space left in the SB and it is a problem with the broadcaster which can be solved simply by checking a box on their software. Some users have had success simply by e-mailing the station about the issue.

Re using FF/REW in WMA - I have a hack plugin which enables problem URLs to bypass slimserver processing and be played straight by mplayer. This way you can keep all the standard WMA functionality and you can still play problem URLs by using a special prefix. Recently I posted this solution for a user who wanted to play the audio part of a video stream see http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=37345
The attachment is for Windows - I have a Linux version if you're interested.

2007-08-11, 09:15
Thank you very much for the "generic" fix.
I have downloaded it and will give it a try.
The problem of << & >> with a single FLAC track is an interesting one. The same behavior has been reported by another forum member and on our system it is a solid, reproducible glitch. The setting is a 550MB in size, single track. >> always causes an immediate re-start from the beginning of the track. My understanding is that << & >> are supposed to go backward or forward one track unless held continuously in which case the movement is within the current track.
Interestingly, we have this same problem when playing MP3 audio in the car. The player can go back and forward between different tracts, but cannot move the play position within a track. This is a bad limitation because the playing time on some audio book media is 12-15 hours, recorded as a single long track. The only practical solution was to split the "books" into 15 minute segments. (The are not already divided into chapters).