View Full Version : Easiest Palm Play + Control

2007-08-09, 08:42
I finally updated my old Palm to a WiFi TX version and am trying to figure out the best way to integrate it with my home SB network. I know I can fire up PTunes, connect to stream.mp3 on the SlimServer, open up Blazer, connect to the SlimServer Handheld skin, and go from there. However, this is pretty clunky and unresponsive, (a skip or other change takes 10 - 20 seconds to take hold not to mention the time Blazer takes to load and update). Most of the time I'm doing this, I'm outside mowing the lawn or something and would like to be able to use the 5-way navigation buttons to control skip and navigation.

Anyway, is what I've described the current best way to listen using the Palm? Are there any apps or configuration changes I can do to make this more seamless? Also, why can't I set the Palm to synchronize with the SBs and my SoftSqueeze client?