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2007-08-09, 06:28
Is there an easy and fast way to delete duplicate songs on i tunes?
I know there is a show duplicate tab , but then you have to uncheck each song which could take forever with a lot of dupes. Is there an easier way? Thanks in advance

2007-08-09, 09:08
Go to Doug's web page (http://dougscripts.com/itunes), you will find an enormous collection of specific scripts to perform all kinds of actions on your ITunes library, your files, change the tags, etc...

here is a specific page on duplicates.

Very useful site.

One additional word though. I have experienced bugs with a limited number of them, and he never responded to questions and enquiries.
But globally the scripts are great tools.

2007-08-09, 10:37
Thanks Patrick, I will give it a try

2007-08-10, 10:49
That site still doesn't tell you the best way to delete dupes

2007-08-10, 13:21
As wifey and I share the same iTunes directory but separate XML files - sometimes duplicates -- massive duplicates sometimes -- occur. On more than one occasion I've deleted everything (keep music files of course!) then re-imported the iTunes directory. Playlists get lost if you are not clever about exporting those to a safe place.