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2007-08-08, 08:51

I have a Squeezebox v3 and I have a big problem - the problem shows up basically like this:

1) Can't obtain an IP-address

2) Can obtain an IP-address (although it takes a long time), but cannot connect to Slimserver

3) It can obtain an IP-address and connect to Slimserver - I can browse artists etc. but it dies when trying to play something

When running on a wired connection, there is no problem (thus bypassing the access point). So it must be something with the WLAN connection.

I have the latest firmware both on the SB and the access point. I have tried running Slimserver on two different computers (running XP Pro and XP Home), same problem. I reseted the SB, no difference. It used to work perfectly, I have no idea what have happened.

My network setup is a Netgear RP114 router, and a Linksys WAP54G (using the RP114 as a DHCP, WPA Personal as the encryption method). Slimserver is running from a computer directly connected to the router. I can run other units like my Macbook without any problem on the WLAN.

I would really appreciate any help!

Best regards,
Jonas from Sweden

2007-08-08, 09:46
Have you tried powering EVERYTHING down, then bringing items back on line in order? NetGear, LinkSys, PC then SB3?

I need to do this occasionally when I get the symptoms you describe - my linksys router gets into a funky state and power cycling it seems to clear it up.

Now if I could only get my LinkSys Wireless PrintServer to be as reliable as the SB and Nokia770 then all would be well.

2007-08-08, 18:59
I agree with the above solution about power cycling.

I just experienced the same discovery of this solution about a week ago. I had tried all types of trouble shooting to no avail. Finally I hit upon this solution.

I have 3 squeezeboxes and a laptop. Once in a awhile the squeezeboxes will revert to the setup screen. I could not find my solution in the FAQ's, or the Wiki or the manual or talking to tech support or emailing tech support. Shame.

I noticed something that got me thinking. When I powered off the router, the squeezebox screen went blank. Although I am not a techie, this behavior doesn't seem helpful (I am going to publish a separate thread on the need for informative error messages).

Ok, this is what you do when you lose IP addresses. Power everything off. Then starting from the wall, power everything on one at a time, wait a few seconds before the next device.

In my case, first I power on the linksys router, then the linksys switchbox, then the linksys access point, then one squeezebox, then another and then the last squeezebox. Then I power on the laptop. Since my laptop is constantly being powered on and off, I let the squeezeboxes get assigned their local ip addresses first since they are always on and thus need an assignment only once. Then after they work, I can power on my laptop.

Since I discovered this solution which slim devices should publicize more widely, my problems seem to have been solved.

By the way, my Dell laptop seems to have a more "robust" (whatever that means) radio than the squeezeboxes. The Dell seems to be able to hold onto its ip address better than the squeezeboxes.

2007-08-09, 00:37
I'm sorry, but it doesn't help to power down/up all the equipment ... The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from this, is that there is something wrong with the wireless adapter in the SB.

But it would be nice to be 100% certain the problem is the SB and not the wireless network, before I return it to the store for a repair/replacement.

Edit: Some progress has been done, though. I can now get it to actually play the songs, but it will fail after a while. However, it is playing fine now. I will report if it drops the connection this time as well. 5 min later: Connection drops. ARGH!

2007-08-09, 10:27
I seem to be having a similar problem, but I think it may be my cr@ppy bt home hub, then again the homehub seems to recognise the squeezebox, but not the other way around... So annoying. I'm going to try the powering down routine. But don't hold out much hope. Any other suggestions?

2010-12-23, 05:10
Yes I am having exactly the same issue - it seems to be something around assigning IP addresses. I have just changed from a netgear router with static IPs to a homehub2 and it is driving me crazy ! I have factory reset everything and got things working several times only for the SB receivers to fall over sometime later. I'm going to try changing the settings in the homehub to assign the same IP every time to the SBs then the nuclear option - reverting to static IPs.