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2007-08-06, 14:07

Do softsqueeze support SB3 ? Cant get any sound. MUST i make it as a remote
device first ? URL adress....
I was thinking it would work local on the computer without the URL
configuration. Have java 6.0. Tried to install java mp3 plugin, but no
succes. C:programfiles - clicked next - would not install. Nor error
message. Just next, next, next. Same picture/window. Browse, no succes. Ai
ai, fck.

Best regards


2007-08-06, 14:17
Slimserver supports Softsqueeze

Softsqueeze can be on the same PC as the Slimserver or it can be on a remote systems

Slimserver must be configured properly before Softsqueeze will work - make sure you can see your albums from Slimserver Web interface.

If PC is configured correctly (i.e. ports 9000 TCP and 3482 UDP & TCP open in firewall) Softsqueeze will "see" Slimserver otherwise try to configure PC's IP address into Softsqueeze.

Softsqueeze will still be able to browse your music even if MP3 plugin does not work. Get softsqueeze browsing working first.