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2007-08-06, 13:52
Do softsqueeze support SB3 ? Cant get any sound. MUST i make it as a remote device first ? URL adress....
I was thinking it would work local on the computer without the URL configuration. Have java 6.0. Tried to install java mp3 plugin, but no succes. C:programfiles - clicked next - would not install. Nor error message. Just next, next, next. Same picture/window. Browse, no succes. Ai ai, fck.

Mark Lanctot
2007-08-06, 14:09
I'm having a very hard time understanding you. Could you please reword?

2007-08-06, 14:14
Softsqueeze doesn't "support" SB3, it is a software emulation of it.

Have you been through the FAQ?

Please can you be clearer about what you've done and what settings you've tried otherwise people will find it hard to help.

If you can explain more clearly you WILL get a lot of help, so don't worry - you'll get it fixed before long.

2007-08-06, 14:31
I'm having a very hard time understanding you. Could you please reword?[/QUOTE]

Do softsqueeze support SB3 ?
I cant get softsqueeze to work.
To use softsqueeze remotely i have to, i think, write an ip adress in the slimservers URL. Like i do with the slimserver player from another computer, no problem with slimserver player. I have downloaded the softsqueeze, but cant play on it. Must i write an ip adress in the slimservers URL or should softsqueeze work local on the computer wihtout typing an URL adress http localhoast...?

2007-08-06, 14:39
Sorry, i forgot to thank for replays. I will try to be more clear later. :)

2007-08-06, 14:51
If you already have Slimserver up and running, the best and easiest way to get SoftSqueeze working:

1) Go to the Slimserver web page, choose "Help"
2) Click on Softsqueeze.
3) Click on Install and Run Softsqueeze.

This will download Softsqueeze from your server as well as provide a configuration that already points to your server.

2007-08-11, 15:38
I`m back. Had something else to do a few days. I have opened Slim Server. Goes to help - squeezesoft - Downoad site says : good you have java - download softsqueeze. Not working. The softsqueeze are plaing - (the v - meters are moving) says metallica are playing - i can still only hear radio ao acoustic(internet radio) - slimserver says i am playing with softsqueeze and shoud hear Metallica, but i am still hearing internetradio.

Synchronation problem ? Inside the slimserver - settings - player settings - audio - synchronise. YES, now softsqueeze is plying. That is good and fun.

Local Network
DHCP router. Dynamic ip adresses. Local LAN the computers allways had the same adresses.
Computer 1.
Something strange. Under Settings. Just an example : the slimserver dont show the right ip adress for this computer under player settings, local network. The last ip number (nr4) as in is to high. It should be for this computer. The last digit should be 13 not 14. I hav checked this in ipconfig. This computer still have his usal ip adress, like it had earlier before Slim Server and Softsqueeze was installed. Why ?

Re : Its below settings - playersettings in slimserver there is an ip adress that not shoud exist anymore according to ipconfig. Inside the softsqueeze in softsqueeze preferences - basic - the names of the computers are right but thats there names(alias) not their ip - adresses. Softsqueeze still working on 2 computers, after 2 days.

Computer 2.
The other computer have assigned an different ip adress than before, local network. Checked in start - run - cmd- ipconfig. Why, like said above they always had the same adress loca(lan). DHCP router(lan).

Re : maybe it is bechause Slimserver and 2 softsqueezes has taken three ip - adresses. But i cant see that in start - run - cmd - ipconfig. WHY ?

Another strange thing. Not using Squeezebox Slimserver. Windows Meiaplayer lost volumepowwer. Like in decrease of high i can turn the volume knob. Active monitors volume knob are turned to 50%. To get high volume, like that neighbours dont like, not really that high, but high enough to dance. I have to turn the volume knob in Windows Mediaplayer to 100%. Compare to before, when i hade to just turn the volume knob to about 40%. An decrease in 60%. SAME SETTINGS when using WINAMP, have to turn the volumeknob 20% to reach really loud volume. Squeezebox - Softsqueeze Slimserver player are a little to slow getting volume higts too compare to WINAMP. Whit actve monitors turned to 50% i hav to turn volum knob in softsqueeze to 90%. I dont think this is normal compared to Winamp whre i have to stop at 30 - 40%. Looks like Winamp gets allmosst all the volume gain from windows.

Anybody that have any ideas ow how to fix this, so Squeezebox, WinsowsMedia player can get the same volume gain as Winamp ?