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2007-08-06, 10:57
Does the slimserver have a concept of different users?

my partner plays from the server on one box upstairs a lot, on a roku box when she's on the computer. I play from the same server into a SB1 connected to my hifi in the evenings. The server pretty much never streams to both locations at the same time.

Now while we share a fair amount of musical taste, I just don't do Donny Osmond. At All - period. And she loathes Pink Floyd and anything of that ilk. It would also be nice if we were able to have different last.fm profiles via audioscrobbler. I don't want to to be offered too much that sounds like Donny and she doesn't really want to have half-hour Floydian epics suggested :)

Any easy solutions to this, short of running two servers pointed at the same library, which is probably too much hassle, I'll take the odd dulcet crooner on last.fm then...

2007-08-06, 11:17
The Last.fm plugin supports multiple users and works fine for me (Progressive House with a sideline in Latin and Drum&Bass [sometimes both together]) and my signficant other (Electro-tinged Goth) - despite the occasional miscrobble we're doing pretty well at not polluting the other's profile (all our players are SB2/3 though, not sure if this will work with a ROKU).

You need to enter both user accounts in the Audioscrobber plugin setting and tell LastFM plugin to take the account info from that.

The one think you need to remember is to check which one the player is scrobbling to before you start playing music. I got round the fact we keep forgetting this by putting the Audioscrobbler Submitter menu item right at the top of the top level menu, so I hit Play, then left from Now PLaying, straight into the Audioscrobble menu so I can check it's scrobbling to me, not him.

2007-08-06, 12:51
Slightly confused about your question, are you asking if slimserver can stream different music to seperate players at the same time??

2007-08-06, 13:23
I think you need to specify a bit more how you want to music to be limited.
- Are we talking about limiting random mixes ?
- Are we talking about limiting artists available when browsing ?
- Are we talking about what's available in the LastFM plugin (if you have that installed) ?
- Are we talking about something completely different ?

If you only want to be able to browse your own music and random mixes should only play your own music and you don't want to use third party plugins, the answer is that SlimServer doesn't support multiple users.

If you like to limit the browse menus to only yours or hers music, and you like random mixes to only include yours or hers music, there is a solution by using some third party plugins. I'm not sure how these will work on Roku since they require SlimServer 6.5. There is an instruction how to setup different libraries for a "kids room" and "a living" room on my wiki with these plugins. This is similar to what you probably like to do, but your setup will probably be a bit simpler since you like to have same menu structure on both players.

You will find the wiki instruction here:
http://wiki.erland.homeip.net/index.php/Setup:_Kids_room_SqueezeBox_with_simple_limited_ac cess

Note!, I'm not sure how this will work with Roku and I'm also not sure if anyone has tested it with SB1, I have only tested it with SB3.

If you like an easy setup that always works as you like, I suspect the easiest setup is to have multiple SlimServers. Everything else will probably be more complicated and may not work correctly in all situations.

Regarding audioscrobbler, see the previous reply from Siduhe.

2007-08-06, 13:52
That multi library is pretty cool - I'll bear that in mind for the future. Siduhe's given me the easy fix here though. I can live with the existence of Donny, I'd just rather not have him offered me by last.fm as a preference :) So I set the default account to my gf's account and put the scrobbler plugin on the hifi menu and switch when I boot that up. We'll probably still end up in the same neighbourhood on last.fm which is nice, just not joined at the hip...

Multilibrary is probably the right way to fix this if I ever get used to using the random play features, and it may be the answer to another question - how to split off classical from everything else!