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2007-08-05, 17:22
I have slimserver 6.5.3 running on a Clarkconnect 4.1 box and I have a number of WMA files I would like to stream. I researched and then installed ffmpeg version ffmpeg-0.4.9-pre1. I created a file slimserver-convert.conf and included the required text to convert wma to mp3 via lame. I got the ffmpeg information from the WMA on Linux wiki page.

I confirmed ffmpeg is configured by checking the Home>Server Settings>File Types settings and there is an entry for file format windows media, stream format is mp3 and decoder is ffmpeg/lame and it is checked.

When I play a WMA file I get no sound on the stream.mp3, but the stream works fine for my mp3 and flac files, they get streamed as mp3. Below is an entry from the logfile when I try to play a WMA file.

2007-08-05 20:17:34.6417 Found command: [ffmpeg] -v 0 -i $FILES$ -f wave - | [lame] -x -m s -r -S -q 5 -s 44.1 - -
2007-08-05 20:17:34.6520 Matched Format: mp3 Type: wma Command: [ffmpeg] -v 0 -i $FILES$ -f wave - | [lame] -x -m s -r -S -q 5 -s 44.1 - -
2007-08-05 20:17:34.6533 openSong: this is an wma file: file:///mnt/200gb_drive/Music/MP3/Norah%20Jones%20-%20Be%20My%20Somebody.wma
2007-08-05 20:17:34.6541 file type: wma format: mp3 inrate: 193.27 maxRate: 320
2007-08-05 20:17:34.6549 command: [ffmpeg] -v 0 -i $FILES$ -f wave - | [lame] -x -m s -r -S -q 5 -s 44.1 - -
2007-08-05 20:17:34.6641 Using command for conversion: "/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg" -v 0 -i "" -f wave - | "/usr/local/bin/lame" -x -m s -r -S -q 5 -s 44.1 - - & |
2007-08-05 20:17:34.6831 openSong: Streaming with format: mp3
2007-08-05 20:17:34.7142 New play mode: play
2007-08-05 20:17:34.7180 Current playmode: play

I can't figure out why I'm getting no music sound when I play the WMA files, the WMA files do not contain DRM.

Any thoughts?

2007-08-06, 00:44
Your entry in the slimserver.conf file should be $FILE$ and not $FILES$ - there is an extra "S".