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2007-08-05, 11:57
I received and set up my new, wireless SB3 yesterday. After struggling with the network setup, I eventually got things working OK. However, I presently only have one major problem as follows:

SlimServer appeared to recognise and list all of my collection of albums and songs stored in unprotected WMA files at bit rates of 128 kbps and 192 kbps.

However, when trying to play the albums and tracks, the SB3 only plays around 30% or less of them. There appears to be no logic to which albums play and which do not.

I cannot find any other threads referring to this type of problem.

Can anyone help?

2007-08-05, 16:34
I am not certian I understand your post. When you open Slimserver on your computer and look under artists do you see all of your albums listed? If not you need to conduct a rescan of your music file so that all of your music is listed.


2007-08-06, 00:36
Yes. I can see all the albums, artists and tracks on both Slimserver and Squeezebox.

It is simply that 70% of the albums and tracks I see just will not play - although the screen says they are playing. I have tried turning up the volume during these tracks, but there's nothing there.

I guess I should try an on screen VDU meter or something to check.

2007-08-06, 01:04
What version of Slimserver are your using ?
What OS ?
If Windows do you have any security s/w. installed ?
Are you using bit rate limiting ?
Do you have an SB3 or an older model ?
Is "Windows media (built-in)" checked under Server Setting/Filetypes ?

2007-08-06, 01:13
Also, do you have any foreign language characters in the files whic won't play (either in the tags or the file names) such as umlauts, accents, kanji or the like? Are you using a non-European language version of Windows by any chance?

2007-08-06, 09:13
In answer to the two previous posts:

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium Edition.

I was originally running SlimServer 7.5.3 but when that showed the problem, I downloaded and installed the latest version 7.5.4 (yesterday's date). It still made no difference.

I have the SB3 (just purchased).

The only security I have is Avast 4 AV and the Widows Vista firewall. I am runningit over a wireless network with WPA Personal network security and a hidden SSID. However, the SB3 sees my PC and 30% of the tracks work as I said. I cannot understand the inconsistency.

Being a novice, I am not sure what you mean about bit rate limiting. I have not applied that to the best of my knowledge and had ripped all of my CDs using the same standard method in Windows Media Player.

Yes "Windows media (built-in)" is checked under Server Setting/Filetypes.

I have also read the manual and added the exceptions to ports 3483 and 9000 as instructed in the manual. However, the problem persists.

I am using standard English version of Windows and the albums/tracks that do not work do not have any special characters umlauts or whatever.

2007-08-06, 09:29
Oh, I didn't realise you were using WMP to rip. My bad.

If you are using WMP10+ there is a setting in the recent versions of WMP which adds protection to your ripped files and will prevent them from playing via SB (or any other "non authorised" device).

To see if this is your problem, you need to go into WMP / Settings / Security and uncheck the box which says something like "copy protected music".

Then rip a CD which doesn't currently work for you, save it in your Slimserver Music Library directory, do a full clear and rescan. Does the CD play?

It's possible you may have upgraded your WMP player and this setting was enabled without you knowing about it, hence why some work and others don't.

If this is your problem, I think it will be possible to convert your existing "proected" files to "unprotected" files in WMP without re-ripping.


2007-08-06, 11:50

Thanks for the further advice. I forgot to mention that I had earlier checked a few of the working and non-working tracks and found them all to be unprotected.

I have also checked my version of WMP10+ and confirmed that the "copy protected music" box is unchecked. So I am afraid that that does not seem to be the problem.

If I do wish to try ripping one of the non-working albums though, I may try it over the next few days by downloading a program that rips to FLAC files. I was simply using WMP10 on my PC as that was all I had the facility for before I had the SB3 to feed my music into my HiFi system.

I would really like to understand and solve the problem though before moving on, as it will take quite some time and effort for me to re-rip my whole collection. Moreover, I may have precisely the same problem with FLAC files.

2007-08-06, 12:08
Ah, that's a shame - would have been easy to fix. It's interesting that the SB says these files are playing but no sound comes out. If you have the Analog VU screensaver on, does it kick in when you try to play a file and do the needles move, or does it just sit there?

Ok, next thing to help try and narrow this down:

Go to Server Settings - Debugging and tick the box that says d_source and save. At the top of the Debugging screen is a link to the log page, (see the last word of the paragraph at the top).

Open up the log page, try to play a few of these files. Do you see any obvious error messages in the log? If so, post the relevant bit of the log (may need to save as a text file and then attach). Should help narrow the problem down.

2007-08-06, 12:11
Oh and one last thing, you have tried a "full clear and rescan" of your library haven't you ? I'm sure you will, but the behaviour you describe could be caused by moving around files or renaming them, but not doing a full clear and rescan to force slimserver to pick up the new links. Can be a particular issue if you store your music on a USB drive.

Someone has mentioned this above, so I'm sure you've tried this, but thought I should just mention it. ;-)

2007-08-06, 15:12

In reply to your last 2 helpful postings:

I have viewed the different VU screensavers on the SB3 screen when trying to play both working and non-working tracks.In short, the tracks that play through my HiFi, the animated frequency spectrum is bouncing about while on those that do not play, they are totally zero the whole time. So there is definitely no signal.

Although I previously tried a rescan, I had not tried a full clear and rescan, which I did after reading your last post. However, the same problems still seem to occur with precisely the same albums and tracks.

I subsequently tried your advice on d_source and change (save?) and I attach a txt file showing the resultant debug log. You will note from this log that I had been trying to play tracks by both Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams. The Springsteen album and all tracks was one that consistently failed to play while the Adams albunm and all tracks have consistently played with no problem.

I guess the proof positive is the section after the Springsteen attempt that reads:

00:04:20:12:2c:32: Decoder underrun while this mode: play
the next song is number 0, was 0
Track failed before playback, marking as played

Can you tell what decoder underrun means and how it might be prevented from happening?

I am getting in ever deeper here but learning a lot from these problems.

2007-08-06, 15:30
I regret you're getting to the limit of my knowledge but someone on here will almost certainly be able to help out!

The only relevant thread I can find relating to WMA files is:


which suggests some kind of firewall issue, but your log doesn't have the other key elements for this problem. Have you tried adding a specific exception in the Vista Firewall for socketwrapper.exe or switching off the firewall entirely?

If not, bpa may have some thoughts, as this is more his area...

2007-08-06, 15:46
It looks like decoding is being done by SB3 so socketwrapper will not be called.

Underrun can happen if the file cannot be read. This can happen because of security although this is unlikely as scanner had to read file already.

As the following will generate a lots of message - just do a log of a problem file. Enable log with d_file, d_source, d_source_v and d_directstream

It might be interesting to try decoding on PC by unchecking Server Setting/Filetypes "Windows media (built-in)". This will force use of wmadec and socketwrapper. To get good debug info you will need to run slimserver.exe from a command prompt

2007-08-06, 15:50
I have not tried adding a specific exception in the Vista Firewall for socketwrapper.exe because this is also well beyond my knowledge of either Vista Firewall or socketwrapper.exe (whatever that is?)

However, I guess I am going to learn!

Nor have I yet tried switching off the firewall entirely. I get a little twitchy about that!

I may try it tomorrow sometime as I am just about to call it a night.

2007-08-06, 15:56
Since some files already play - it is unlikely to be firewall as that would block all or pass all.

It is more likely that AVAST could be the problem but my preference is Vista security but I do not have a Vista systems so it is guesswork.

socketwrapper is a helper application which will be used when transcoding. Transcoding WMA files will only happen with SB3 when "windows media (built-in)" is unchecked.

2007-08-06, 23:39

I'm sorry I missed your last 2 posts yesterday night. You guys are so quick!

I tried all of your suggestions and (Eureka!) I finally gained success by unchecking Server Setting/Filetypes "Windows media (built-in)" as you suggested. My problem WMA tracks now all seem to work with wmadeck and socketwrapper forced to run as you suggested.

Purely out of interest,
a) I attach a debug log I had made before unchecking "Windows media (built-in)" on a problem track with d_file, d_source, d_source_v and d_directstream checked.

b) Stopping Avast 4 did not make any difference.

My thanks to everyone who has helped me to overcome my problem. Without your invaluable help I was totally lost.

Although I look forward to enjoying using my SB3 playing my pre-recorded WMA tracks with these settings, I have two final questions:

a) Are these the best settings for me to play WMA files?
b) Will these settings have any effect when I eventually rip my CDs to FLAC as I plan? (I think not!)

2007-08-07, 00:47
I think you now have a workaround but you may have found a bug.

The SB3 WMA decoder can't handle some of your files as the log shows that the data from the files is being sent to the SB3.

Now the problem has been identified - I think it should be investigated properly by Tech support so that the problem in the decoder can be fixed.

You should contact tech Support asking them to check one of your problem files. Add a reference to this thread so Tech support can see what has been tested.

The current settings will work fine for any WMA on you system until a proper fix is found. If you rip to Flac you will bypass this problem altogether as Flac has nothing to do with WMA or Microsoft.

2007-08-07, 04:46
Thanks for the advice! I will report it to Tech support when I get a chance.

I will also proceed with confidence to rip to FLAC files in due course.

2007-08-07, 10:45
You may be experiencing the Windows Media Audio Professional bug:
Do you know if the files that do not play natively on the Squeezebox are WMA Pro?

2007-08-07, 14:15
None of the files that fail to play natively in Squeezebox are WMA Pro files. They are all standard WMA files.

2007-08-07, 14:52
I have just scanned through the bug reports and although it does not sound like http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4658

It sounds more like the "duplicate" bug http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4601 that has been reported as resolved.

The bugs I experienced were on over 60% of my 192 kbps unprotected WMA files files as that report.

While the bug may have been resolved for Macintosh, it still appears to occur on SB3 with my Slimserver running on Windows Vista Home Premium.

2007-08-07, 15:01
The solution to play WMA pro by unchecking "windows media (built-in)" is applicable to all Platforms - Windows, Linux and OSX since this workaround bypasses SB3 decoding which is the reason for no audio.

I think it is important that Tech support can examine one of your files to see if it is WMA Pro or some other WMA encoding issue.

2007-08-07, 15:03
While the bug may have been resolved for Macintosh, it still appears to occur on SB3 with my Slimserver running on Windows Vista Home Premium.

Hrrm? It shouldn't make a difference: the bugs are identical, they both boil down to "This is a WMAPro file."

2007-08-07, 15:35
It sounds more like the "duplicate" bug http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4601 that has been reported as resolved.

It was only marked as "resolved" because it is a duplicate bug report, not because it was fixed. Would you be willing to attach one of your non playing files to the bug at http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4658 so we can take a look?

2007-08-07, 15:56
Yes. I will attach the file the bug report now.

As I am away for the next few days, I will be interested to see any comments about whether it is indeed a WMA Pro file or not when I come back.

2007-08-07, 16:29
I will be interested to see any comments about whether it is indeed a WMA Pro file or not

The file appears to be a Windows Media Audio 10 Professional.

2007-08-08, 00:34
OK! I apologise for the mistake.

I had not knowingly ripped the file into WMA Pro and there does not appear to be any simple way of noting the difference after the act.

It does appear to be the same bug. Case closed!