View Full Version : SlimServer won't add Incubus to my library

2007-08-05, 10:35
I have an Incubus album, A Crow Left of the Murder, that was ripped and in my itunes library for awhile now. I just noticed recently that SlimServer never picked it up, so I rescanned my music library, and it didn't find it.

I then deleted and reripped the album, and then scanned for new and changed music, and still the SlimServer doesn't pick it up.

This isn't itunes music. It's an album I own, and it's not protected in anyway. Any ideas?

2007-08-05, 10:57
OK, I found out that the album is included, but it's just not listed under the artist's name. It's only listed by the album name. Meaning, I can't go in and look for Incubus. How strange is that?

I'm starting to notice this discrepancy many places. I have a Rage Against the Machine Live album. Although it shows up under All Songs for Rage, if I look for the album, it's not listed.

This is starting to really @#$% me off.

Brian Ritchie
2007-08-05, 17:18
I'd guess that the artist tag isn't set properly. I discovered that a few of my ripped albums have ALBUMARTIST set rather than ARTIST, and that's caused them not to show up when browsing by Artist (though they do appear in some situations!)

If you use Browse Music Folder, you should be able to see the tracks, and what tags SlimServer thinks they have. If you still can't see the album then, then I'd suspect there's something pretty badly wrong with the rip.

-- Brian

Mark Lanctot
2007-08-06, 07:04
Have you checked the tags using a proper tagger like Mp3tag?