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2007-08-04, 20:13
I just purchased a new Squeezebox3 and have really been enjoying it. Plugged it into my network and in a few minutes music was playing. Getting a second box motivated me to play with some of the internet radio features which is where I'm having a little trouble. I'm trying to play some stations from live365 and experienced the following:

1. Played some live365 through squeeze network. Some stations played, others said I needed to log in. I've obtained a login ID from live365 but am not sure how to use the id through squeeze network. Also, played the same radio station on two squeeze boxes. This worked but there was noticeable delay between the boxes. I kind of expected this since it seems to work as two separate connections to the internet instead of being sync'd to a single stream.

2. Tried to play live365 through internet radio which I believe is via slimserver (please let me know if this isn't true). This is what I would really like to do because I believe I'll be able to play a radio stations through two squeezeboxes and have them synced without too much delay. I put my live365 id and password into the live365 slimserver internet radio section. I then browsed the internet radio menu and tried a live365 station. The squeezebox indicated it was "connecting" but music never began streaming. The box did seem to know what song it was trying to play. I'm stuck at this point.

I'm still running version 6.5.0 slimserver. I noticed there were some live365 fixes in newer servers but I also thought folks were running live365 in earlier versions so I figured I might be doing something wrong. 6.5.0 has been working well for everything else I've been doing so I never bothered to upgrade.

Any help would be much appreciated.


2007-08-04, 20:34
The Live365 plugin has always been a bit flaky. You should certainly use the latest version of SlimServer, 6.5.3. In SlimServer 7, we already have a completely rewritten version of Live365 that I feel works much better. That new plugin will probably end up on SqueezeNetwork before SS7 is released.

2007-08-06, 12:47
Thanks for the reply. I will update to the latest release of slimserver. If the fixes get released to squeeze network first, how does the squeeze network log on to live365 such that live365 will not ask the user to log on? I'm pretty new to the squeeze network facility so I don't quite understand if there is a place I need to enter my live365 user id and password for use by squeeze network. Will this show up in the squeezebox player configuration menus after I upgrade to the latest slimserver and player firmware? For slimserver acess to live365 there is a place for this but as I mentioned, the version of slimserver I have doesn't seem to connect correctly.

2007-08-06, 12:48
On SqueezeNetwork, go to Accounts and Music Services -> Live365.