View Full Version : Other options that work with SlimServer?

2007-08-04, 12:43
I'm still waiting for my first SB but in the meantime, I see references to using the Roku Soundbridge Radio with an existing Slimserver network. I like the idea of having something portable that can wander around the house at will. Also would be nice when traveling especially since we have an XM subscription and we are thinking about Rhapsody. Not to mention the cost is less. Amazon has the Soundbridge 1000 for 143 right now. What does one lose when going this route? I understand the SB has digital out, which is nice for my stereo but the rest of the house was going to be $30 Tamps and I'm not sure what speakers just yet. Any advice would be appreciated.

2007-08-05, 01:13
The big problem with the Roku (apart from general questions of quality) is that, because it is a competition to the Squeezebox, SlimDevices/Logitech don't officially support it.

This means that an upgrade of SlimServer can easily turn out to prevent it working on the Roku. I think that in fact the Roku needs an early version of SlimServer to work.

2007-08-05, 01:32
Similarly, Roku no longer actively support the SB emulation and new release of Roku firmware have more bugs in the SB emulation.
Recently, the lower end models no longer have SB emulation in the latest firmware and so the users have to use old revision of Roku firmware.

Also Roku emulation is of an SB1 so it can't use Squeezenetwork and Roku does not provide an option to define IP of Slimserver so Roku will only work on a LAN to Slimserver - not over the internet if you're travelling away from your local LAN.

2007-09-03, 03:49
Apparently the Linksys Kiss 1600 Wifi DVD player works with SlimServer. Anyone heard anything about this?