View Full Version : Problem with international characters with filenames

2007-08-04, 06:56
Hi all. I purchased an SB3 last week and am very happy with the way it was setup and performed until now. Various small problems were rather easily resolved by searching the Wiki or the Forum.

Today I realized there is an issue with international ASCII characters contained in pathnames (with accents, umlauts etc.). The SlimServer seems to just ignore those files. I found several threads to this but none seems to resolve the problem, so I thought of addressing the forum.

FYI, my collection (or most of it, at least) is organized as "\Artist Name - Album Name\TrackNum - TrackTitle" and mostly contains FLAC, some MP3 files and some OGG files. I notice the following:

- If the accented character is anywhere in the folder pathname, the folder is ignored completely.

For example, the folder named

Egberto Gismonti - Dança dos Escravos (ECM) (1989)[FLAC]

is probably ignored during a music library scanning

- If the folder name doesn't have any 'international' characters but a track filename has so, then the specific track does not appear. The rest of the tracks in the folder without special characters are scanned normally.

All these folders and files show regularly in Windows explorer, btw.

Interestingly, from what I see this problem does not pertain to special characters that are included in tag info. This is displayed ok, and files are scanned and play. For instance I have the folder: "Luis Bonfa - Jacaranda". All the filenames don't have special characters, but the tag info (for Titles, Artists etc) contains portuguese accented letters. All these files are scanned & play correctly, and both on SS and on SB screen I see the special characters in tags: for instance, the album title is tagged as "Jacarandá" and I see it.

I am using Windows XP SP2 (english version), my primary regional settings are Greek. I do not use iTunes support and all my files are stored in multiple external USB drives with links in a music library folder.

I'd appreciate some insight on this issue. I have quite a few files with French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish etc. characters in their filenames and it would not be an easy task to go through each of 25,000 files to rename. Plus, I suspect this will be an issue with Greek filenames and I have a lot of Greek-named files that I'd like to import at some stage (I dunno yet whether this is possible, 'cause I haven't tried).

Thanks in advance for some tips on the issue,

Athens, Greece