View Full Version : Squeezebox died in the night

2007-08-04, 06:43
I woke up this morning to find my squeezebox dead. No display of any kind.

1. Checked power supply cord by switching it with the other Squeezebox we have. Nothing.

2. Checked brightness. Nothing.

3. Tried factory reset. Nothing.

I presume the coroners of this forum are going to say DEAD so.........

The Squeezebox is 16 months old. I am unhappy that it died so soon, but I have owned enough electronics over the years that I know stuff happens.

What does Slim Devices charge for repairs?

Any advice is appreciated.


2007-08-04, 06:54
I also checked to see if it was just the display but it is not. Slim server does not show the squeezebox as active.

2007-08-04, 09:29
Before declaring the Squeezebox dead, double check your network (router, cabling/wireless, etc.) and make sure other computers are visible to each other. If the SB display is off it could be nothing more than a bad ethernet cable.

Also, don't forget to check the power supply.

2007-08-04, 09:31
Do you see a red light on the optical output on the back ?

Does the power supply feel warm ?

2007-08-04, 10:19
Switched power supply with my other squeezebox. Still doesn't work. I do see the red light at the optical connection.

Switched network cable, still no go

Router is functioning and I can see the server, other computers.

2007-08-05, 04:15
Interestingly I have a very similar if not exactly the same fault. SB3 working fine for many months then all of a sudden nothing.

Checked the PSU with meter and get a clean steady 5 volts. To me meaning a dead SB or a faulty PSU! PSU could be fine with no load then die with a load attached. Interestingly for approx 1 - 2 seconds after plugging in the PSU the red LED on the optical out does come on, grow brighter slowly then shut off.

The input of the SB measures up as a dead short, but these days that does not actually mean anything.

I would really love to know what was cuasing this and get it sorted. Either PSU or SB, even if someone can suggest a possible component failure that would be great, as long as it is none of the SMT bits I should be able to change it out without too much hastle.

Very occasionally a click can be heard from the PSU when turned on, but I would say this is the exception rather than the norm.


2007-08-05, 18:09
doh! exact same thing happened to one of mine last week...

first i had the display die on one (see thread
http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=37310) and they claimed it had been dropped...

then last sunday, my other unit stopped completely... no lights no power, checked with voltmeter... yep, she's dead jim... i have an RMA on it... i'm waiting for the first one to come back so i can put this dead one in the box to ship to logitech... i can't wait to hear the diagnosis... if they try and charge me for warranty repairs again, since both of mine are under a year old, i'm going to go apeshit...

2007-08-06, 09:23
Called Tech support. As always, very patient and helpful. Told me I tested everything I could on this end and to send the box in for repair.

Good news is that my warranty had been extended to 2 years!

2007-08-06, 10:06
Good news is that my warranty had been extended to 2 years!

Does that apply to everyone?

2007-08-06, 10:14
I am not sure.

I bought this particular squeezebox in March 2006.

I bought another one in May 2007.

2007-08-13, 13:55

Shipped Squeezebox to Slim Devices. They received it last Friday.

Received an email today saying the mainboard was bad. Repair replaced it and it is on its way back home.Not counting the weekend this is a 24 hour turnaround.

Great service on a great product.

2007-09-26, 13:11
I'd like to 'fourth' the problem detailed in the OP. My experience was identical. When I woke up in the morning, the display was dead although the optical light was on. The device is 13 months old.

2007-11-04, 18:42
And I'll "fifth" this issue...looks like I'll be calling them in the AM, after chasing so-called network and server issues for the past 18 months, literally. I wish it had completely died inside the warranty period, instead of stringing me along all this time. Geeze!