View Full Version : Are you using Mp3Tunes?

2007-08-03, 07:47
Anyone else out there using M3tunes?

If so, what sort of upload speeds are you getting and do you ever get any drop outs during playback?

I tend to get about 50k/s average and on occasion I have some rebuffering issues. I wondered if this might be related to geography?

I am now coming to the end of my free trial and I am very tempted to subscribe, only I just wish the drop outs were not there.. this irritant varies in frequency (often none at all) and seems to effect MP3s of all sizes (128 to 320).

Also, I have never had my SB3 drop out once when playing from SlimServer.

Anyone have any thoughts?

2007-08-03, 11:59
i am still in the process of uploading my entire library to mp3tunes. i think i average about the same upload speed as you - 50-60k/s. i like the concept enough to go through the trouble of uploading my entire music library. i don't want to clog up my network during the day though and so I only upload at night. i think i average about 200 tracks each night. the process is slooooow (i have a cable modem). i'm looking at the end of summer or early fall to get all tracks up there.

i've used the player at work (T1 line) and have had a lot of hiccuping of tracks but i think that's due to the congestion of the network at work and not the mp3tunes servers (i hope!). at home it seems to be working smoothly.

i'm thinking of mp3tunes as a good backup system and as a way of reducing wear and tear on my computer/hard drives.

2007-08-04, 03:42
I tried mp3tunes for a day or so, got really excited, purchased the year subscription. That was almost 2 months ago. Since then, I've made really determined efforts to upload my rather large collection of mp3's. It is hopeless. It is so slow, and so inconsistent on upload that I've just about given up. I too had hoped it would be a great way to back up my collection, and make it available to me in novel ways off the Internet. Too slow, and too many drop outs. Go away on vacation with hopes that an uninterrupted week will take care of the bulk of the upload, and return to a message that it is trying to connect to the server. I know that the upload path is a long and complicated one, and can't blame all of this on mp3tunes (perhaps almost none of this...gosh, their server is not the likely culprit). I think it is a great business idea with an almost fatal flaw - it may work for people with smallish collections and/or a huge pipes, but it isn't happening for me with a typically healthy Comcast broadband connection.

2007-08-04, 05:36
Wear on hard drives? Decent backup? Just buy a huge external HD or two, and have a synced backup stored at work. So much less grief, and with a USB drive you can listen anywhere.

I only get 448kbps upstream, so no more than 45kB/s is usable. It would take four months to upload my music, even if it were on 24/7 and saturated my bandwidth. But an external drive takes minutes. Easy choice :)


2007-08-04, 09:05

i do have a backup hard drive for my music but I think it's good to have the option of listening to my music without the involvement of my computer. my slimserver is also the family's main computer so it gets a heavy workout in addition to being the music server. every once in awhile the computer is just too busy to be the music server and then I'll make use of mp3tunes instead.