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2007-08-02, 14:57
Sorry for my ignorance here, but I have never used an iMac although I am
very *nix friendly. I have a friend who bought a SB3 and is running a
new 20" iMac and has already installed slimserver. I dont even know the
process for this but I can get to www://hismachine:9000 just fine and
see the SS interface so I assume its installed and running fine.
However, he cannot ping the SB let alone get the SB to find and connect
to the SS running on the iMac? I have disabled the firewall
in....Network settings or something....he knew where it was I didnt. So
is there anything else I can check? Other machines connected into the
same router can ping the SB just fine? Is there anything I need to
check, confirm etc on the iMac to get it to see the Sb and vice-versa?

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2007-08-02, 16:06
I don't think you said if it was wired or wireless.

Can't harm to check it wired, and also to check it wireless with the SB really close to the computer.

Also let us know what router he has.

I would check whether he can connect to SqueezeNetwork. If he can't, it's an issue with the SB and router, perhaps just the wrong password; if he can it's something to do with the IMac and SlimServer.

2007-08-02, 22:47
All wired right now until we determine the problem. Thanks for the reply and sorry about the double posting. I didnt realize that a post to the mailing list would also get posted to the forums. The client has a number of network issues as well, as I discovered tonight so will be trying to resolve these first. One strange behavior is that we can plug a Linux and Windows laptop into a particular 5 port Linksys switch and they connect fine and work fine internally and externally. Plug the iMac in and the light on the switch goes on, goes off, goes on, goes off etc so I am thinking a possible ip conflict since the Imac is staticly assigned. Will keep plugging away at it.

Thanks again for the help and suggestions.