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2007-08-01, 19:49
I had trialled my SB3/QNAP TS-101 setup in my main system in the living room where it works just fine (excepting the odd drop out) with all files including 48kHz FLAC files. However, this was just a precursor to it residing in it's 'final' home - my study upstairs where it would dive my venerable A&R A60 and a new pair of ALR Jordan Entry S speakers.

However, upon moving the SB3 upstairs and installing it in my the study system I discover that the wireless strength in the study is disastrously low resulting in long periods of nasty digital noise and/or complete drop outs. So I study the forums and NETGEAR web sites (my wirelss moedm router is a NETGEAR DG834G) for inspiration and guidance. I can find none except a) bitrate limiting and b) buying a NETGEAR RangeMax router. I do both. The bitrate limiting (to 192kbps) helps but with the expected effect on sound quality - but even then drop outs still occur. I order the RangeMax router from Amazon and with excitement unpack and configure it for action when it arrives. The result?

No discernible difference whatsoever in wireless strength.

As thing stand I do not have a viable SB3 music solution.

Any suggestions, help or comments?


2007-08-01, 20:08
Unless the RangeMax router has higher power output, more sensitive antennas, or directional antennas, it's unlikely to be of much help. I've seen modest improvements by increasing the router tx power (using DD-WRT) and installing high-gain antennas on my AP. I have not bothered trying parabolic reflectors aimed at my most troublesome SB. Nor have I tried adding rabbit ears to an SB3 (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=34315)

Have you looked at these?

Must the QNAP use wifi to connect to the SB? If you connected it to the SB's ethernet in a wireless bridge setup (move the QNAP to the study), you should have no trouble streaming FLAC or WAV to the SB.

2007-08-01, 20:10
i just got a d-link dir-655, i love it.

that may not be your issue tho.

try antenna DB boosters.

also, have u tried without wireless security?

2007-08-02, 01:09
Have a look here >>-> http://www.freeantennas.com/
I built the EZ-12 out of aluminum cooking foil and a cornflake packet and it worked well.

2007-08-02, 02:47
If it is convenient for the location, you might want to play with just a aluminium foil around the squeezebox.

One of my sb3's had a hard time reliably streaming flac and simply placing sheet of aluminium foil behind it to reflect signals towards the access point increased the signal strength 20% and tests ok even at max speed.

Mark Lanctot
2007-08-02, 07:04
Are both devices wireless?

Wiring at least one of them to the router is the first thing you should do when experiencing wireless bandwidth issues. It's usually easiest to wire the server, particularly with the Qnap because it doesn't have to be anywhere - you don't need constant physical access to it. It's best to locate it near your router and wire it.

2007-08-02, 09:07
Try using homeplugs (or powerline adapters).

Plug one into a power socket, connect to your router via ethernet cable. You can then go anywhere in your house and put in another homeplug into any power socket, stick an ethernet lead in it and you have a network going through your electricity cabling. I find the 85Mb/s are fine, but 200Mb/s also available.

2007-08-02, 09:18
For router with the dipole antenna (straight) - the signal strength is doughnut shaped with a hole in the middle ( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antenna_(radio)#Radiation_pattern
If your SB is immediately above the router then you are probably in one of the worse spots for reception. Try angling both router antennae horizontal instead of vertical to see if it makes a difference.

2007-08-02, 09:26
I second the use of homeplugs. I had connectivity issues, dropouts, etc.

However, since I've gotten homeplugs I've had no issues. You need one for the router and one for each Squeezebox. I only get 20-40mbs on an 85mbs homeplug but streaming quality is fine.

I got 3 of these:

2007-08-02, 13:11
Thanks all for your very helpful responses. I will try a few things and report back!

2007-08-02, 15:58
I guess this will be of no practical help, but just for your info, the RangeMax routers do offer considerably improved wireless range, BUT only when used in conjunction with a corresponding RangeMax wireless adapter.