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2007-07-31, 20:13
for a long time now, i have not been able to reliably listen to net streams with the sb2. long ago they used to work, but with ~6.3 and beyond they became unusable. (any search of my posts will show my various documentations of these issues)

it got to the point where andy even added an option for me and others like me to force the sb to sync to the SS on the computer to try to improve reliability.

that helped a bit, but i first of all didn't want a workaround, i wanted a solution. (ie. i didn't want to have to use the computer at all, which is why i bought a SB to begin with), and secondly, i couldn't use SN at all like that.

people wanted to blame everything under the sun, other than the SS/SB setup. (winamp was never an issue)

well, turns out its basically a 50/50 thing, or so i now think. and what i mean by that is that its not really possible to put my thumb on the exact cause...

i just got a D-link dir-655 today which toms hardware has as a top of the line router.

and it now seems to be streaming SN perfectly. (altho i have yet to enable any wireless security)

if SB can do that, i'm assuming it can also work with SS without the sync assist, (the workaround).

it is strange, as this would seem to point to the linksys router i had as the issue. (it was the befw11S4v2, perhaps at one time the most used home router in the world), and there may be some truth to that. perhaps age itself weakened it. afterall, i seem to recall all this stuff worked with it once upon a time.

but perhaps not. perhaps it has been the continuing evolution of the SS/SB combo that wrecked things for me.

it seems to me that the SB should work with the linksys regardless. i simply find it hard to believe that the router alone (via age or whatever) is the sole cause. yes, upgrading to a new router seems to have worked magic for me, but even when i had the linksys in, i could play the same streams on a computer with WMP or winamp that was rooms away, while the SB couldn't but was just a few feet away.

SD told me when i bought the SB that my router, being so common, was one of the ones they "extensively tested with" and assured me i could do everything advertised with it.

for a while, it seemed i could.

the point of all this is, that i think SD should be very careful going forward with its software deployment, b/c it is my belief that as they changed things, they did so in such a way that it was not truly compatible with the linksys router. i can't speak as to what exactly i think they did, i really have no idea, but i have paid attention to this whole thing as its evolved over time, and thats my read of it so far. i simply doubt router age alone caused this.

further, to the vocal minority who have had problems for several years, like i have, may i suggest you try the D-link dir-655 with newest firmware, or something like it.

it may be an answer for you as it seems to be for me.

i will definitely be interested to see what it does tomorrow afternoon, which has typically been a sorespot.

i have my fingers crossed that i have found a comprehensive solution, as so far it seems i have, but if i do have any issues i'll post it back here to this thread.

if anyone has had a similar experience, i'd love to hear about it.

2007-08-01, 19:45
so far so good...

SN has been flawless, save for the occassional "skipping ahead" stuttering audio problem that happens somewhat randomly. but its solved easily enough by simply hitting "play" and rebuffering/restarting the stream.

what a welcome change.

it will be interesting to see if security changes anything, or if using SS locally changes anything.

does SB support wpa2? or wpa? or wep only?

2007-08-01, 20:10
does SB support wpa2? or wpa? or wep only?

All of those. http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?BeginnersGuideToNetworks

2007-08-01, 20:15
excellent, thx.

i actually looked at the SB wiki entry, but didn't see it there.

i shoulda looked under beginners too, duh.

does SS need to know anything about this? i thought this was a SB only thing.

2007-08-01, 20:31
does SS need to know anything about this? i thought this was a SB only thing.

That's right. SS doesn't need to know how SB connects to the network.