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2007-07-31, 11:57
I am trying to configure my newly installed SlimServer application, but cannot get the server to look at the correct directory. Please bear with me, as I am a linux newb. If I am not giving enough information, let me know and I'll post what I need to.

OS: Fedora FC4
SlimServer Version: 6.5.3 - 12376 - RedHat - EN - utf8
Server IP address:
Perl Version: 5.8.6 i386-linux-thread-multi
MySQL Version: 5.0.21-standard

I want the Music dir to be /fileshare/Music and the playlists to be /fileshare/Music/Playlists, where /fileshare is a Samba share. Every time I try to set the server to this directory (via html utility) it says, 'oops xxx doesn't seem to be a valid directory.' I have tried various ways of specifying the path, ie '192.168.xx.xx/fileshare/Music', '/fileshare/Music', '//localhost/fileshare/music' all to no avail.

I think the problem might be that the slimserver user is neither part of the 'share' group, nor one of the explicitly defined users who has access to the share. However, when I use the Samba Server Config tool, slimserver does not show up on the user list to be added.

Can anyone tell me how to either a)get the directory path typed in the correct way so that it sees it, or b) how to add slimserver to the 'share' group and/or 'share' permission list?? Or, if I am way off base on the cause, can someone tell me where I should be looking for the problem?

Thanks much. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


2007-07-31, 12:15
I found another forum post explaining how to manually add slimserver to a user group from the shell. I added 'slimserver' to my 'share' group and restarted the server. Now it sees the directories fine.

command was: usermod -G share slimserver

I should mention that this did not work until after I stopped then restarted the service.


2007-07-31, 12:18
> I want the Music dir to be /fileshare/Music and the playlists to be
> /fileshare/Music/Playlists, where /fileshare is a Samba share. Every

Is that share hosted on that same machine or a distant machine?

If it's the same: enter the path you used to configure the Samba share.

If it's a remote share (on another computer), you'll have to first mount the share to your server's file system. See "man smbmount" for more details, or your GUI tool to do the same.