View Full Version : Sudden Nokia770 Now playing problem

2007-07-31, 04:29
I have suddenly noticed (over the past 2 days - and right when I was trying to demonstrate how cool it is!) that the now playing screen on the Nokia 770 Opera browser (using both the Nokia770 & Touch skins) no longer shows the Album Art, the progress bar or the track info. Everything else seems to be in order. The skins are working fine on all the browsers on my Macs and PCs, so I guess something suddenly went wrong with the Nokia770 browser. I tried clearing the cache, but to no avail. Any ideas?



2007-07-31, 06:40
Sounds like JavaScript is turned off in the Nokia browser -

from the browser menu > tool > settings > Enable JavaScript

2007-07-31, 07:12
yeah that was it ... thanks.