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2007-07-31, 04:17
...I specify the exact path of the .xml file in this pref in the iTunes section of serer settings:

"If you are running iTunes on a different computer than SlimServer, you may specify an explicit path to the iTunes Music Library.xml file here. Leave this blank if you are running iTunes on the same computer as SlimServer."

How come? given the pref says: "Leave this blank if you are running iTunes on the same computer as SlimServer". I *AM* running iTunes on the same computer.

I have my music folder here:


And my playlists, iTunes Library file here:

C:\Documents and Settings\mark\My Documents\My Music\iTunes

Both these folders are defined in the basic server settings page. Unless I enter the full path of the iTunes Library xml file on the iTunes page, SlimServer doesn't pick up my playlists or any ratings from my iTunes songs. Also, if I leave the music folder blank on the basic settings page, a rescan will return zero results even though my playlists folder is still pointed in the right place and iTunes integration is checked.

2007-08-01, 14:03
Am I doing something wrong here or what?

2007-09-17, 05:56
The labels for the various boxes are not terribly helpful as they are a bit misleading.

First, as best I can tell, slimserver knows nothing about where the iTunes library (either the .xml file or the library of files themselves) is unless you specifically tell it unless it's in the default location. (The definition of "default" is, on a MacOS X box, ~/Music/iTunes. I don't know where it is for a Windows machine.)

Even though I don't know much about Windows, I'd have to guess that your path is non-standard, so you will have to tell slimserver where your iTunes library is, whether it's on a different computer or not.

That having been said, I also don't know if it will actually work! I'm having troubles with my MacOS X installation at the moment where I can tell it everything, supposedly according to the directions on each box and it doesn't find my library at all.

Good luck,