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2007-07-30, 17:23
I know there's a trackstat plugin but I keep reading that ratings should be visible in the web interface even without this plugin:

"Make rating available to player UI and Web Interface"

"The standard Slimserver iTunes integration makes it possible get available tracks from iTunes and also retrieves the rating, play counts and played time information"

"The normal Slimserver display ratings in the Web interface in the "Song info" page"

I can see them anywhere, with 6.5.4. ?

2007-07-30, 20:40
If you use the standard iTunes integration, the ratings should be imported to SlimServer.
They are visible in the "Song Info" page in the web interface and also when you move right with the remote on a track in the "Now Playing" menu on your SqueezeBox. It isn't currently possible to change the ratings directly in SlimServer without either the TrackStat or the iTunes Update plugin.

2007-07-31, 03:16
I am using iTunes integration and I can't see any ratings in the song info? This song has a rating set in iTunes, but in SlimServer I can't see any rating info?

[edit] Seems to be related to this problem: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=218079#post218079