View Full Version : Setup help for wireless Qnap - please!

2007-07-30, 10:54
Hi All

As a new Dad (4 weeks old) i inhabit the outer fringes of sanity due to sleep deprivation and was wondering if some kind souls could help.

Basically i already have a squeezebox 3 (wireless)in my living room and all is well, i have tweaked a few things and added some internet radio stations and alien bbc and am v. happy with the setup after months of trying to get everything just so, i even have the latest version of slimserver (6.5.3)

Now due to my lovely little girl taking over my old study i have had to move downstairs, to this end i have just ordered a new squeezebox (wireless) and a Qnap 500gb TS101 from Advanced MP3 players. This is due tomorrow, now i am not that technically minded and i will have a very small window of opportunity to get these items set up and working and was hoping that i could get some advice on getting everything working nicely in advance.

Basically i need some idiot proof instructions on the basic wireless set up and if it is possible to simply transfer the current slimserver settings on my pc to the qnap slimserver without losing any configuration?

So in summary:

1. How do i set up the qnap and 2 slimservers - i am hoping i can plug the qnap into my netgear router and go from there, is this possible?

2. Can i simply transfer all my settings and music content from the pc based slimserver to the slimserver software on the Qnap?

Guys, i really hope you can help, aarrggh - i hear crying - must go.