View Full Version : Asus Eee PC

2007-07-30, 04:57
Asus have announced that it's Eee PC will be released for $199 (approx)and will be based on a custom Linux OS.


Although the specification is more like a large PDA than a full notebook, do you think that with this could be used to run a Squeezebox setup with music held on an external HDD.



2007-07-30, 14:08
I've been eyeing the Eee since I first heard about it, but mainly for use as an ultra portable. I hadn't considered using it for Slimserver.

That said, looking at the specs it seems like it could perform the task well enough (900MHz Pentium M, 512MB RAM). I've run Slimserver on similar platforms in the past.

I suppose that if Asus manages to hit the price point they mentioned in their presentation that it'd be worth a try, just to see how well it works.