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2007-07-29, 21:23
Iím hoping to get my hands on a Squeezbox and have been playing around the the slimserver and softsqeeze on my Mac to see how it all works.

Iíd like to hear BBC radio, but every time I try to connect (with AlienBBC) the softsqueeze software checks the stream but then stops.

I know the BBC are having some issues with their player, but for example with Radio 1 Live, I can connect using a browser and get the stream, which appears to play fine in realplayer in the browser.

Does anyone know if the AlienBBC/squeezebox canít connect because Iím outside the UK. Anyone in Australia reading these forums? Radio stations in the Slim Radio Picks list work, just not the BBC stuff.

2007-07-29, 23:39
It always helps to tell us what Mac, and what version of Mac OS, what version of SlimServer, and also in this case what version of mplayer you have.

If you look at some of the threads, mostly in the third-party plugins forum, you'll see that the version of mplayer may be crucial.

I wrote most of the original instructions for installation of AlienBBC on a Mac, and I didn't have access to an Intel machine, so may well have suggested a version of mplayer that isn't suitable.

One of the things that you can check is whether mplayer itself works ok. You have to run it using Terminal.

As far as I know, most of the BBC programmes can be listened to worldwide, but not all of them.

Because of the current problems, you need to check using a browser- which you have done - that what you want to listen to is available.

2007-07-30, 04:13
I am in Sydney.Just got my SB3 last friday.When first time I try AlienBBC,No any channel is working(always say connecting),that time I am BT something in background.Than I try change SB3's QOS level to highest one in my router,still not working.When I try this again today,looks like everything is OK.Maybe is broadband problem.Good luck :)

2007-07-30, 16:17
Okay. Have tried again today, still not connecting to any BBC station, although the Beeb still seems to have problems with their Real Player system.

I'm on a G5 Dual 2.3 Mac. OSX10.4.6 4.5GigRam. Not intel, and no we aren't using Aiport Extreme either.

I ran mplayer in terminal and it seemed to be okay, not sure which version it is, I just followed the download information and links when I downloaded AlienBBC. Terminal states: dev-CVS-060315-18:00-4.0.1.

I wasn't sure if the BBC block overseas users, but if there are Aussie users managing to connect if should be working.

I my try another install to see how it goes..

2007-07-30, 16:29
When you ran mplayer in Terminal, did you get connected to BBC and did you hear an audio stream ?

If yes, then try increasing Radio Timeout in Server Setting/Network from 5 to about 40.

2007-07-31, 02:01
Make sure to use the newest socketwrapper, see other threads

2007-07-31, 02:12
socketwrapper is not used on OSX or Linux only Windows.