View Full Version : BBC in Australia?

2007-07-29, 18:29
Iím hoping to get my hands on a Squeezbox and have been playing around the the slimserver and softsqeeze on my Mac to see how it all works.

Iíd like to hear BBC radio, but every time I try to connect (with AlienBBC) the softsqueeze software checks the stream but then stops.

I know the BBC are having some issues with their player, but for example with Radio 1 Live, I can connect using a browser and get the stream, which appears to play fine in realplayer in the browser.

Does anyone know if the AlienBBC/squeezebox canít connect because Iím outside the UK. Anyone in Australia reading these forums? Radio stations in the Slim Radio Picks list work, just not the BBC stuff.

2007-07-29, 23:29
Give more system details.

AlienBBC works for other users in Australia, so you may have an installation problem.
Some possible reasons:
- Does mplayer works standalone ? For example, if you are not using OSX 10.4.x you will need a special build of mplayer.
- Are you using an Apple Airport Extreme router ? If so it blocks the RealAudio protocol used by BBC.