View Full Version : Problem with SlimServer and EAC/EZ Fix I'm sure!

2007-07-29, 14:20
Help! I have just installed EAC and FLAC on a new PC. Everything is cool except that when I scan for new music, SS is only picking up one song. In other words, it will show 1 album with 1 song by 1 artist instead of 1 album with 10 songs by 1 artist.
I have ripped many CDs using EAC on my old pc. I can't figure this one out.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

2007-07-30, 15:27
Bump this please. I know someone knows this fix.

2007-07-31, 03:31
hi there!

i am an avid EAC user. to me, it sounds like one of the three possible problems:

1. it sounds like your EAC is ripping the CDs as one single track and not as separate tracks. which is weird, because EAC will rip single tracks by default.
are you sure you are not going through "action" -> "copy image and create cue sheet" or are using the "IMG" button on the left?
if so, try ripping as single files by using the "MP3" button on the left. dont worry - if you set up the "external" compressor correctly, EAC will still generate FLACs from your CDs.
if you insist on using single images, make sure the CUE-sheets are accessible by slimserver, otherwise it will only "see" the image, and not the tracks therein. and i am not sure if slimserver can read embedded cue sheets...
(btw - if you are concerned about gaps between songs, SB3 plays gapless!)

2. also make sure you have the tagging set up properly. you may want to read this excellent wiki on EAC+FLAC: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?EACBeginners

3. EAC has an annoying habit (at least mine does) of tagging my files with lower-case tags. while 95% of programs will work just fine with those, some will not (ex.: my iriver portable player tool). i rarely rip FLAC files for use with slimserver (i prefer vorbis GTune3 @ Q6), so i cant say if that is a real problem or not. but just for good measure, you may want to change the tags to capital letters?