View Full Version : Internet Radio - Time Out

2007-07-29, 09:38

I am currently running my SB on my iMAC. When I listen to Internet Radio stations, they often stop after a song or two (5-10min). The SB says that the connection has timed out.

Does anyone else out there have this problem? Is there a setting on the SB or on my MAC that I can adjust to solve this problem?

I do not run into any issues at all playing my iTunes library on the SB - this only happens to Internet radio.


2007-07-29, 14:27
I'll add my voice as having the same problem - radio stations just stop playing until I hit the play button again. Used the network test, and no probs there. I'm running SS on SBS2003 with SB2 - Any help on places to check greatly appreciated -

2008-03-24, 17:42
Either of you get an answer to your problem. I have the same situation. Sometimes the internet radio plays fine a for a few hours, then stops. Other times its for a very short period.