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LeVine, Brian E.
2004-01-12, 11:13

I'm using XP Pro with the 1/5 .exe build and a Slimp3 (v2.2). I'm not using
iTunes or MoodLogic.

I have "mp3 tag database" set to "cache". Whenever slimsvc.exe closes
(reboot, log out, or by me ending it manually) and then restarts, it rescans
my hard drive. At least, I assume it is, since when I open SlimServer it
says "Still scanning your collection...."

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It should work on all operating systems, but doesn't do anything if you
are using iTunes or MoodLogic.

What behavior are you seeing?

On Jan 12, 2004, at 9:27 AM, LeVine, Brian E. wrote:

> Does anyone have the "Cache Mp3 tag database" option working???
> Can anyone (Slimdevices, please!!!) explain what operating
> systems/build it
> works on? A simple reply with, "it doesn't work on the .exe build"
> would be
> very helpful if that were the case.
> Thanks!