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2007-07-28, 22:22
Could someone tell me the location or name of the headphone chip on the SB3? I am planning to remove this chip along with the opamp to improve the audio section. Thanks

2007-07-29, 23:29
Why do you think this will affect the performance ?

2007-07-30, 05:50
I have already removed the opamp and have no intentions to use the headphone output. My goal is to free up the 3.3v line as much as possible by removing the headphone chip. The DAC is the most critical part of the analog so I wish to free up the 5v and 3.3v as much as possible. Thanks

2007-08-01, 00:07
is it powered with no headphone connection ?

I take your point though ....

2007-08-01, 01:36
look at posts #25 & #26 here.


The schematic shows that the headphone amp isn't powered by the same 3.3V that feeds the DAC. So removing it to clean up the DAC supply doesn't make sense.

However, the 3.3V headphone feed should be a lot cleaner than the Dac feed as it only does one job. SeanAdams commented that it could be used to power the digital side of the DAC. This may be a better tweak than removing duties from the DAC supply. Don't know of anyone who has tried it/reported improvement though.

My understanding though is that the 5V analogue DAC supply is far more critical to performance than the 3.3V digital.