View Full Version : Can I run 2 SB on same network at same time

2007-07-28, 14:38
I have been using SB for about a year and am thinking about using a second unit in a different room. I do not need them to sink but would like to run at same time if possible (playing different music). If it is not possible to run at the same time, can they be run at different times?


2007-07-28, 14:45
You can run multiple squeezeboxes simultaneously, either in synch or each playing different music. As far as I know the only limitation here will be CPU grunt and bandwidth if you're streaming lossless. Irrespective, two squeezeboxes running simultaneously would not present any issues.

2007-07-28, 18:49
Bandwith is not a problem, you could run a houseful of Squeezeboxes all running differnt flac streams and still have plenty of headroom even over wireless.

CPU should not be a problem either, we run multiple Squeezeboxes at work off the Infrant NAS drives and their processor is way less powerful then the one in your compter.