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2007-07-27, 23:04
I just upgraded to V6.5.3 from an earlier version of SlimServer (can't remember previous version number). I now get the above error when I try to open SlimServer, or more exactly:

[code=CANT_CONNECT_LOOPBACK] Cannot connect due to potential loopback problems

I would appreciate any advice on how to trouble shoot this. SlimServer was working fine up until the new version was installed.

2007-07-28, 07:02
Here is some more background.

The PC that I am trying to troubleshoot is running XP Pro SP2 with IE7, Just this morning, I tried running the latest build of 6.5.4 with the same problem. I also tried to install both 6.5.3 and 6.5.4 on another PC running Vista Ultimate. Again, the same loopback errors are generated.

2007-07-28, 08:06
http://www.webservertalk.com/archive120-2004-5-244404.html implies that you are a) using IE, b) have IE configured to use a proxy server. Change your IE settings to not proxy local addresses.

2007-07-28, 08:54
Under Options/Connections/Lan Settings, the "Use a Proxy Server for your LAN" check box is blank. The only check box filled is "Automatically Detect Settings". From my limited understanding, I infer that these settings correspond to not using a proxy server.

2007-07-28, 09:26
http://www.issociate.de/board/post/140003/HELP!!!!_Fresh_install_of_XP_Pro_but_IIS_5.1_won%5 C't_run..html and notice the post about just that.

Turn off autodetect settings, IE is using that to find an IIS based proxy server.

2007-07-28, 09:44
That worked.