View Full Version : Volume Output From Squeezebox 3

2007-07-27, 12:25
I have a 1990's vintage stereo receiver (Onkyo). I've hooked my Squeezebox up with RCA cables to the Tapedeck 2 connectors on that receiver. I find that I have to crank my receiver volume control up quite a bit more than I do when using the CD player or tapedeck also attached to the receiver. Is that normal? Is there anything I can do to get more volume out of the Squeezebox with less cranking up of the volume switch on the receiver?

2007-07-27, 12:28
Have you turned up volume to max on the SB?

When the SB is at full volume, it should match most other components.

Your other components typically don't have volume adjustments and will always send at full volume.