View Full Version : Wireless bridge and firmware versions

2007-07-27, 11:32
Is there a record of how the wireless network card config has changed in the different SB firmware versions? I'm using a SB2 connected via cat5 to a Linkstation with the wireless card in the SB also configured to connect to a wireless network when it is available. Slimsever is currently at 6.2.1. If the wireless network is not available, the SB gives up looking for it and the connection to the Linstation works fine. When the wireless network is available, the connection to the Linkstation still works and I'm able to copy songs to it over the wireless.

Using newer versions of Slimserver and the firmware that gets loaded on the SB2 causes the SB to give up on power up because it can't find the wireless network. The only way to get it to connect is to go through the process of enabling and disabling the wireless card as needed. I'd like to upgrade Slimserver for the new features and bug fixes and I'd like newer firmware on the SB2 so it will work with WPA. I haven't tried any versions of Slimserver past 6.2.2 on this setup since the wireless functionality was changed in that version.