View Full Version : Re: Natively playing iTMS m4p files on Linux?

John A. Tamplin
2004-01-07, 10:15
On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Dan Sully wrote:

> > True, but it does support output to a file, which we may be
> > able to (on unix anyway) take advantage of with a named pipe.
> In the effort of remaining as cross-platform as possible, I'd recommend against this.
> Which is why I picked ffmpeg for the other items.
> How would you deal when a disk fills up using that temp file?

A named pipe doesn't take up disk space anymore than a normal pipe. Ie,
the commands would look something like:
(source_prog -o /tmp/fifo &; cat /tmp/fifo) | ...
instead of
source_prog | ...

Of course there are issues with signalling the children properly when you
want to kill them and security so it gets more complicated than that, but
that is the basic idea.

Windows has named pipes as well, but they work a bit differently.

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