View Full Version : Jive + LuaJava + Java (Tivo HME)?

2007-07-25, 16:36
I am still getting my head around Jive, so forgive me for any simple questions.

Basically, I am wondering if it would be possible to host a Jive UI in a Java environment, specifically Tivo HME.

I developed TivoSlimserverClient (http://edmondcho.com/products/tivoslim.php) to browse and listen to a SlimServer library via a remote stream. I am using Tivo HME and the Bananas UI library provided at http://tivohme.sourceforge.net. While I am generally happy with how it turned out, it is not very polished compared to the Jive screenshots I have seen in this forum.

What I envision:
1.) stream is still handled by Java app, at least until audio is supported in Jive.
2.) Jive is used to control stream "player" as the web interface does now. Jive UI is presented to the user by the Tivo HME/Java app on tv screen.

Jive seems like it would be a great choice for presenting the interface on tv. Of course, that is assuming that I can pass the Tivo remote button presses to the Jive UI.

Am I dreaming?