View Full Version : NSLU2 and Slimserver 6.5.2

2007-07-25, 11:57

Did somebody try to compile / install the lastest server-version on a nslu2 device?
(I use the SlugOS/BE, I have installed the version 6.5.1 but it downgraded the firmware (81 to 72), and since there the wireless does not work any more...)


2007-07-25, 14:40
I didn't create a version of my ipkg for 6.5.2 as there were a number of serious bugs.

6.5.3 has now been released and I will get around to building an ipkg for it shortly.

However I think you could upgrade your 6.5.1 yourself to 6.5.3 as I think the compiled modules haven't changed.

2007-07-26, 10:05
Thanks for the tip;

How does it work to update from the tar.gz without compiling?


2007-07-26, 13:21
Backup your existing Slimserver install as you might accidentally overwrite some of its files.

Download and install the GZIP compressed archive for 6.5.x. This should not have any compiled modules.

All the compiled modules are in the current directory slimserver 6.5.1 sub-directory

where XXXXXXXXX is the CPU architecture name - for ARM it will be something like armeb-linux or arm5vte-softfloat-linux.

If you are unsure use "perl -V:archname" command at a shell prompt on the target platform.

There should be the following folders
Compress, DBI, DBD, Digest, HTML ,Template ,Time ,XML, YAML

copy these folder into the equivalent in your new 6.5.x directory and so you won't need to compile them again.

Start new Slimserver with --d_startup to check that all are loaded correctly.