View Full Version : Why won't this URL work?

2007-07-24, 15:17
Can anybody help me to get this URL to work in SlimServer:



2007-07-24, 16:00
That playlist contains no actual audio streams.

Paul Webster
2007-07-25, 01:07
There are a couple of signs on their sites (peaceoutradio and loudcity) to suggest that this is a slightly tricky one ... but try this - it worked for me - but I did play it first on my PC which might have made things work for a while.


"We broadcast is aac+ and mp3pro.
Cookies and Javascript are required."

Ominous warnings there.

Here is their page on Loudcity:

Here is the real URL that it generated for the pls - note - the cache_bust piece might need to be varied - but if it works then this is a better URL to use since it does generate the .pls that contains the (potentially variable) link above.

... later ...
I have had a look on the LoudCity site - and their contract with the broadcasters that use them does prohibit promoting direct connections without a browser showing the LoudCity info.
I have posted a question on the LoudCity forum asking for clarification for non-browser-based listeners ... because the stream that I had running on the Squeezebox stopped after a few minutes and would not restart ... so perhaps they block it if the browser is not left open.

2009-01-05, 14:56
I add the URL :


And works fine. The SB says some error of sorts, but it still plays. Something about prefetching ?