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Matt Sims
2004-01-12, 03:19

I also have this problem. I'm running one of the nightly builds from
about a week ago on a Windows XP machine, but have suffered the problem
pretty much since upgrading from 4.2.6. It occurs with both streaming
Internet radio and MP3's, and after variable amounts of time. As Jim
Carroll says, it can be cured by hitting the play button again, or
pausing and un-pausing.


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Hi, I'm using a slimp3 w/ player firmware 2.2
and Server version 5.0.1 running on a Gentoo Linux machine that's
connected by 100 Base T

I've been listening to groove salad from somafm.com and about every two
minutes I have to hit the play button on the remote to re-connect
because the stream has started stuttering.

Using older versions of the server software, I remember playing groove
salad all day without any trouble.

Is there a known good previous version I should use? or are there any
fixes in CVS that would handle re-buffering better?

(I'd be psyched if there was a stable branch in CVS that I could update
regularly to get the latest.)