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2007-07-24, 12:54

NEWB here. Received my SB3 last Friday. Nice unit, however…see below….I am not sure where to post this, so I will start here.

I have intermediate knowledge and skills of all things audio, computers, and networking. Turns out this is a very good thing. Setting up the SB3 is definitely not for the novice in any of the above areas. I was able to set up the SB3 in my system and had music playing in a couple of hours. To prepare for this new adventure in audio, I have freshly installed a new NAS for music storage, and a new router. Had these up and running when the SB3 arrived.

After playing with the setup for a couple of hours, the SB3 suddenly locks up, freezes. WTF? Messed with it for a while and finally rebooted everything to get back to normal. This has happened several times over the weekend, last night being the most recent. I haven’t kept notes but it seems like it is only when I am connected to Slim Server (and not Squeeze Network). Last night I listened to music from my NAS server, then switched to XM Radio. Listened to one channel for a while, then when I changed channels it locked up. The music kept playing but the remote and the display was acting very erratic. I had very little control. After a few minutes I could change channels but the station info would not update. Same on the SS screen. The XM info would not update. Don’t know if the all the events are related to XM, but I don’t think so.

I have searched the Forums and found several threads of this similarity; i.e., the display freezes and the remote is not functional, etc. All of those that I found, however, were from around a year ago. Did those issues get resolved, or just ignored? I remember reading one poster said, “I just got used to it….”! Well that is not acceptable for me. With the SB3, new NAS with redundant drives, and a new router, I am out close to $900! For that money, I expect a little more reliability.

So, what’s the fix? Is this a network issue? Is it a SS issue, or a firmware issue? I expect a combination of all, especially the last two. Can someone help with this issue? As I said, I have been reading through MANY topics on the Forum and in the Community, and it looks like it can get very complicated to troubleshoot and sort out issues with the SB and Transporter, etc. I admire all those folks that have elevated knowledge of these things; they spend literally hours upon hours trying this and that, posting, answering, and then trying something else. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I bought my SB3 to play music, not to spend all day learning to be a hacker and/or programmer. I really feel sorry for the consumer that has zero knowledge of these things.

My system consists of the following:

Sony PC with P3 – 1.5, 512 RAM, Windows XP Pro with SP2
D-Link DNS-323 with 2 Seagate 500GB SATA in RAID 1
D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router, Hardware Version A1, Firmware Version 1.02
SlimServer 6.5.3
SB3 Firmware Version 81

When this happens, the only processes going on is SS, and Internet browser. The router, SB3 connection strength is in the high 90% range. The SB3 and router are in the same room, about 10 feet apart, both elevated with no obstructions.

Devices on the network (all have fixed IP address – I thought that might help so I changed from dynamic assignment):

PC above running SS – Ethernet
NAS – Ethernet
Laptop – Wireless G
SB3 – Wireless G

Being in the same room with the router, I can wire the SB3 to Ethernet, and that is probably what I will do. However, I want to resolve the issue that I am having now.

For what it’s worth, I have been on Squeeze Network all day, not ever connected to Slim Server, and have had zero issues.

Kind regards,


2007-07-25, 11:16
Wow....zero replies. You mean NO ONE has experienced this? Where is the Tech support? Where am I supposed to post problems like this?


2007-07-25, 11:24
Try removing any 3rd party plugins like XM and see if the problem goes away. I don't know if XM is one of them, but there are some poorly written plugins out there that can cause problems such as the one you're seeing.

Anoop M.
2007-07-25, 11:34
Definately try what Andy said and also try your SB3 hardwired and see if the problem is still there. Let us know your results!

2007-07-25, 11:43
Thanks. I will try the XM removal first. Right after I reboot the computer, cause SlimServer will not respond...Stopped it and tried to restart but get warning that SlimServer "may be starting or stopping". Windows Services says that it is stopping.

Ben Sandee
2007-07-25, 11:48
On 7/25/07, tubes-n-horns <
tubes-n-horns.2uahbb1185387601 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com> wrote:
> Wow....zero replies. You mean NO ONE has experienced this? Where is the
> Tech support? Where am I supposed to post problems like this?

Yes, it probably means that nobody experienced anything quite like this --
at least those that read this forum. The way the problem manifests, it
sounds like SlimServer is blocking or is non-responsive. If the server CPU
usage is spiking at the dropout times then check to see if there is a
periodic task that runs. If it doesn't spike, then it points to a plugin
that might be doing blocking I/O. The 6.5.3 server is single-threaded but
I've seen very few reports of problems like you are having -- at least with
a vanilla installation.

The fact that things work fine over SqueezeNetwork indicates to me that it's
probably not connectivity (wireless vs. wired) so I would not focus on that
angle. It certainly could be connectivity, but less likely in my opinion.

If all else fails you should definitely contact the official SlimDevices
technical support resources.


2007-07-25, 11:51
I'd also look at Windows task manager to see how much free memory is available.

WinXP really needs at least 1Gb of RAM to be useful.

What does the "Commit Charge" at the bottom of the task manager window say.

In case you're not familiar, you can use Start->Run & type taskmgr to start task manager.

2007-07-25, 13:23
Attached is a screen shot of Task Manager/Performance. Not captured in the photo, at the bottom of the Task Manager window, it says, Processes: 43, CPU Usage: 5%, Commit Charge: 452M/12.

I did a uninstall/reinstall of SlimServer. Funny thing that the XM Plugin was already installed. Guess the uninstall doesn't work so well. Anyhow, I disabled XM and verified on the SB3 that it is not available.

Right now I am streaming some 24/96 FLAC files from my NAS and it is having no trouble keeping up. I notice that the memory usage goes up slightly and the CPU usage peaks around 25% occasionaly. Looks like the physical memory is indeed very low! Hope that's not the real culprit, cause I don't think I can put any more RAM in this box. I hate name-brand boxes! Note when I stop SlimServer available RAM goes up to over 200MB.

I will mess around and see if I can duplicate the problem.


2007-07-25, 13:28
Silly me, it did capture the info at the bottom of the screen shot. I did this several times, I guess I cut it off the firast time. Anyhow, there ya go...

2007-07-26, 10:36
After removing XM, have not been able to duplicate the issue described in origninal post. I just got an Ethernet cable and am going to hard-wire the SB3; least in my music room where it will be 95% of the time. Can use wireless for parties, etc., where it has to be moved to another room. After I get it on Ethernet I will put XM back on and see if it will work. Hope so; that is one of the determining factors of deciding to purchase the SB3.