View Full Version : New Squeezebox sees SSID, but can't connect

2004-01-11, 19:50
If it is not connecting to the network at all then DHCP is not the issue, as
it will first connect to the network and THEN it will worry about how it's
going to get its IP address (DHCP or static).

Are you sure you don't have MAC filtering on in the access point that is
preventing the squeezebox from joining?

What model router and what firmware are you running?

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I just unpacked my Squeezebox and have been starting to set it up. I
have it in a location that I know has great 802.11b signal strength,
but am having trouble connecting.

When I installed the Squeezebox, I screwed on the antenna and pointed
it towards where the wireless access point is installed, almost
exactly straight behind it. When I went to set up the wireless
networking, it automatically found the SSID "Schalliol," which is the
same one I see using my PowerBook and is as set on my Linksys
WAP/Router. However, even without encryption turned on in the access
point, attempting to connect failed. It just counted down from 20
and then indicated it couldn't connect. This seemed very strange
because it automatically found the network's SSID and there's no
encryption turned on.

Not knowing what else to do, I tried turning on encryption (64-bit)
and used the key that worked on my PowerBook after I turned on the
access point 64-bit encryption. I got the same result. I even tried
changing the SSID to "SCHALLIOL", which didn't work either. I've
also got DHCP turned on, which I don't think would come into play at
this stage, but FYI in case.

Can you please help me get this fired up ASAP? Thanks!